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    Issues embedding swf in pdf document?

    Andreas Illum

      I have created a small application to illustrate Snell's law as a flash file.

      The idea is to integrate it in a online educational book and I have already done so with several simple animations.

      This was to be my first application with user input other than start/stop buttons.

      The application works fine in a browser or as a stand-alone flash file but when I embed it in the pdf file it doesn't execute properly, nothing happens when buttons are pushed to calculate the equations.


      This is my first question here so I don't know how to add my application or an example of it embedded in a pdf document but I guess including them from a filehosting site could work?


      The swf file:



      The PDF file:



      I used CS6 Flash professional to create the SWF file.


      thanks in advance


      edit: also including the original fla-file: http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/408478/Snells_Law_3.fla

      By moving a piece of code up through the lines I have found that after line 377, nothing gets executed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          You should move your files to a host that doesn't require users to enter and validate an email address just to download. I will never share my email address with a host that will surely spam me just for helping.


          Aside that PDF just uses a Flash Player instance so there really should be no issue. Chances are it's a code related issue. Once you move your files to a host like rapidshare or any other that doesn't require registration to download I'll take a look.


          Make sure you run your SWF through the debugger to make sure there's no errors instead of just testing in the player. It can catch extra errors. Also test your SWF online if you have a web host to upload it to. That can show you violations and errors that don't exist when playing content locally.

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            Andreas Illum Level 1

            Sorry about that, I did not know filehosting.org required you to give your mail address. I Will find another place to upload monday when I am back in at work.


            Thank you for replying

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              Andreas Illum Level 1

              Found another filesharing site, hopefully this is better:


              fla file:



              sfw file:



              pdf file


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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                I see no syntax errors and your code works well so there shouldn't be any issue embedding it. In Acrobat XI I get a preview of the plugin required to view the SWF and I must activate the plugin (very common on windows) by clicking on it. Once I do the SWF embedded in your document works for me, although it doesn't overlap the preview which is stretched to the size of the page whereas the plugin container is the size of the original document. So it works fine for me when viewing as a PDF and if you resize it down to its original document size it should overlap the preview properly. Plugin containers often require permission/activation (a mouse click), that's normal.


                I was able to target 10.1/10.2 as the SWF export target rather than FP11. You may want to try downgrading your publish preferences to that which should reduce the overhead of the plugin container. Outside that I see no reason you should have an issue embedding this. I don't have a full copy of master at home to create the PDF to test (openoffice isn't really capable of it) so you'll have to test that yourself but the PDF you linked works for me.