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    How can I show an image before my animation starts playing


      Hey there!


      First of all, great work on making Adobe Edge...! I can see real potential in the use of this program!


      I have started to work on an animation which will work as a splash-screen before the users see the actual site. (Yes I know... but the client wants it like this...)


      The problem I have now is that the animation plays after a few seconds and that during these seconds it shows the content of the website. Besides that I still find it pretty difficult to actually position the animation the way I want.


      I am using a plug-in for wordpress so I might not be in the right place to find help.


      I tried fixing this with a pre-loader but this is also too slow. Is there any way I can force the animation to play sooner or to make sure they can't see the content before the animation has played?


      You can find the concept of the website on: www.appyourservice.nl/concept/Jack.


      Any help is appreciated.