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    Right to left text in ID 5.5 or 6, I'm missing the features?


      Hey all, first post!


      I have a request from a customer to set some Hebrew...Right to left.


      I have been running ID 5.5 for a while, and version 5 and 4 before that so I am quite familiar with it...however this is the first time I have needed to use this feature.


      I am struggling however!


      I cannot seem to find the options needed to change the text direction. I understand with v.5.5 its because I didn't have the Middle Eastern version...and now it seems I can't get it/upgrade even if I wanted to (but I would happily pay and do this if I could). I have also downloaded and tried v.6...but this to seems to be missing what I need.


      I tried changing my setting in the Adobe Manager prefs...and then re-downloading the demo...as I have seen advised on another thread, but this didn't seem to change anything.


      I can't be the first person to want to use this...somebody please help and provide me with a simple step by step guide to getting this function working!


      Intel Mac, ID v 5.5 or 6(demo)


      Many thaks in advance!