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    CFHTTP Hangs on CF10


      We have recently upgraded to CF10 on a new server install of Windows Server Web 2007 32 bit IIS 7.


      Our Google checkout callback section has stopped working and it seems to be a CFHTTP problem.


      The cfhttp outgoing/GET calls work fine, it's just incomming/POST calls that don't work. We have replicated this with the following code.


      <cfsavecontent variable="strXML"><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <new-order-notification xmlns="http://checkout.google.com/schema/2" serial-number="725311029182564-00001-7">





      <cfhttp url="http://zzz.cfm" method="POST" result="objGet">

      <cfhttpparam type="XML" value="#strXML.Trim()#"/>

      </cfhttp >


      Posting to external services like our bank and UPS work, even over SSL. So I don't think it's a certificate issue especially as it fails with both https and http.


      In the HTTP log we get what you expect when using GET to an external server, and works on our internal server


      "Information","DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-10","01/03/13","13:30:00",,"Starting HTTP request {URL='http://www.yyy:80/yyy.cfm', method='get'}"

      "Information","DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-10","01/03/13","13:30:00",,"HTTP request completed  {Status Code=200 ,Time taken=975 ms}"


      But when we try to POST data to our server it just times out and does not post any message in the log. This is true even if the page it's calling is blank, so it's not a problem with the code on the landing page.


      "Information","ajp-bio-8012-exec-348","01/03/13","14:11:55",,"Starting HTTP request {URL='http://www.zzz:80/zzz.cfm', method='POST'}"


      The calls from outside via Google don't even make it into the IIS web logs. So it appears it getting blocked somewhere. We have checked our firewall and it's not blocking the requests and even running the code above locally produces the same results.


      Anyone have any ideas how to work out why it's hanging, can't see anything in any of the windows or java logs and all you get in the coldfusion logs is it starting and then nothing.