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    SnapShot not working


      Snapshot is not working anymore for Asus Transformer 101 Android 4


      Windows 8, Chrome 23

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Hi roofracks,


          Can you give us more detail on this...


          1. Are you getting any error messages, and if so, what are they?
          2. You said it's not working any more, when did it last work and what's changed since then? Have you updated the Edge Inspect app on your Android device?
          3. What exactly doesn't work? What are the steps you're doing?
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            roofracks Level 1

            Hello Mark,


            It seems that it now works again. But before if you wanted to know, was that the transfering of the image seemed to fail, as the image located in the folder was 0kb


            The mobile device took a picture, but the transfer loader was continuously rotating, which you can click on cancel, to cancel the transfer.


            It worked on all other android devices. So maybe it was a local error?


            Anyways this can be marked as resolved, thanks for your help.