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    Flash Professional 11.4 player


      I've recently created content (website) in Flash Professional CS6 containing a video, an animation and several other pages that play flawlessly inside the Flash program (regardless of player version). In putting the content in DreamWeaver and uploading to the server the script will not play the content. Previewing the .swf file itself inside the server, will play fine  - except for the video. I've notices that Flash Professional only offers player 11.4 as its highest version and I have since installed 11.5 on my Win. 7 64bit system (IE9) could this be the problem with playing issues on the server side?


      When inside DreamWeaver it will also preview OK ~ if I have used player 9 with the exception of the UI controlls not being visible when they were designated to be when the .swf was created in Flash. Higher player versions (>9) will not preview inside DreamWeaver environment giving a blank white box and the flash player download button at the bottom! If this player version is not the problem than could I please have some suggestions on the video portion not playing in the server preview of the .swf? I have already spent an enormous amount of time (and money) on this project not have it go through at this point!


      Thank you in advance.  tjk

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just to see if it might be a path issue, is the video dynamically loaded into Flash and streamed or is it imported into the fla file?  If it is loaded dynamically, is the swf file in a separate folder than the html page?  If it is, this could be the problem. You need to target anything the swf loads as if the swf is in the same folder as the html page