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    Help? with my video on the web - Bad playback...

    Saeroner Level 1

      So I exported my videos to HTML 5 (webm, ogg, mp4) and gave them to the web guy to add to the site. When I play them back on the website the videos look like they're skipping frames -- just does not look normel. When i play back the origonal HTML files (the files NOT hosted on the web -- from my hard drive) they look fine. I'm wondering if the web guy changed the video dimension on his end would that be the cause? I gave him 512x288. anyone else run into this type of problem?


      Just wondering If i could give him a solution. I guess he thinks they look normal, but they don't.


      If you would like to take the time to see you can log-in if you would like. I made a dummy account.




      user: test@yahoo.com

      pass: example


      Appreciate any help.