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    SandBoxe Bridge in Multi iFrames


      Using sandbox bridge between the parent html file like



      var bridgeInterface = {};

      bridgeInterface.testProperty = "Bridge engaged";

      bridgeInterface.testFunction = function (getMe){




      function engageBridge(){

          document.getElementById("mainFrame").contentWindow.parentSandboxBridge = bridgeInterface;




      <iframe sandboxRoot="http://localhost/" documentRoot="app-resource:/" allowCrossDomainXHR="true"  ondominitialize="engageBridge()" name="mainFrame" ></iframe>




      and the call of it from within the iframe page like





      function tryMe(){






      <a  href="#" onClick="tryMe(); ">Link!</a>



      works like a charm.


      Any ideas how to access the bridge when a second iframe is loaded within the first iframe ?