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    Making a straight line aligned with text and adjusting length

    prescovidprod Level 1

      i am trying to make a simple straight line above some text in after effects cs5 that lines up with the beginning and end of the text. Not touching or anything. Nothing special. then a line perpendicular to it of a different stroke size.


      Also i want it to draw or fill in.


      first of all, if i dont get the line length perfect the first time, and i try to adjust the length, then the stroke width changes, also the scale.


      this is maddening because if i am making other pieces that i will animate together, i want them to be the same. and every time i try to adjust the line length, it changes everything...


      or do i just make all lines and type graphics in illustrator or photoshop and import them...and make a mask.  I almost think that all those extra steps might be easier...(sarcasm)


      any tips on this as this super basic task is turning into a headache?


      thx in advance.