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    Rollover Animation does not reset after roll off


      Hi all,


      Could Really use some help.

      I currently have an opaque object set as a  rollover button to animate an image to fade-in over the opaque object and to have it fade out on roll off. This works fine, however, it only works once.


      How do i get it to reset as it were after the animation is complete so that if I rollover again it will trigger it again?


      video of issue:


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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          Without seeing your animation panel, it is impossible to tell exactly how the effect is accomplished, and what suggestions or options to change to fix issue. But here is one animation method you can try: Have two hexagons placed over each other. The bottom is image, the top is filled with gray (100% opacity). Select top gray shape and apply animation preset of "Fade Out" on "Roll Over Self" event. And check "Reverse on Roll Off". Do the same for the lower set of hexagons.

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            itwasgood Level 1

            Hey thanks! that did the trick for that little issue... but the issue of animations resetting is still giving me trouble. Those same buttons we discussed, when click activate another animation of enlarging an image to full screen, when that animation is reversed... the hexagons that we previously animated are inert and will not fade.  [ The only animation functions i have activated are (fade out - rollover self - reverse when rolloff =hexagons) (on click animate overlapping image) back button (animated to reverse overlapping image on click)