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    Main web page is off centered

    JoannSpahr0916 Level 1

      Hello all.

      A few months back I purchased Dreamweaver  CS6 so that i could update my website that was initally created by a  professional who used Frontpage to create it. I must admit, everything went extremely well. I have recently posted a few updates to me webpages and noticed that the main page is left aligned, but the other pages on my site seem to look centered. I also noticed that all the other pages have a Div5 tag at the top of their pages, but the main page just list Div tag. I have researched this but do not know exactly what my problem is to even begin looking.

      My website is www.sparengines.com and i am using IE8 as the browser.

      I would appreciate any help that you can give, and any feedback on my website would be a great help- as my profession is in accounting not in web design but i really did enjoy learning something new.