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    How do I scale down large photos? (around 4,000p x 4,000p)  Pictures included.

    Mr. Ishmael

      The purpose of the video is to present many pictures taken at a photoshoot. So what I'm aiming for is simple transitions with little effects.



      This is the layer area in After Effects. The composition is 1080 x 720 and the photographs average at about 4,000 x 4,000 pixels. My goal is to scale it down to where it fits the composition, yet it's just so large! So large infact that when forced to fit with the composition size, it becomes distorted, and sometimes pixelated. What I mean by pixelated is: when I look at the original and the resized photo you can clearly see a pixelation of the resized photo, as if from going from 360p to 240p. But lets focus on the distortion.


      For example;


      Photo is first inserted.




      Photo is then resized.




      Yet, this is the photo in Bridge.


      photo in bridge.jpg


      I may just have to suffice with having the video being filled with the each photo constantly moving to be able to show the entire picture. (with the help of keyframes)  From my assumptions, the possible remedies would only to be cropping the photo in Photoshop first.