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    Premiere Pro CS6 Trial Mac crashes on launch

    Odisey Design

      I installed Master Collection CS6 on my Mac Pro tower 3,1 quad core, 16 GBs RAM.  I set up a new video project in Premiere and all was going fine, loaded all assets, etc ... Next I was attempting to set up audio hardware for recording a narriation on a track.  I was using a USB VoIP device.  I could not arm a track for recording, so I figured audio hardware needed set up.  My VoIP was already selected in Preferences>Audio Hardware once inspected, but I still could not arm a track.  So, I tried Utilities>Midi Set Up>Aggregate Audio Devices to add my headset to Premiere Pro.  Headset was in list but I could not add anything to premiere.  Everything I checked automatically unchecked once selected. 


      Back to square one.  So I unhooked my headset, went to Preferences>Audio Hardware and attempted to select a Built-in I/O device. Then, Premiere just crashed. 


      Everytime I try to open premiere it crashes.  I rebooted, tried a different project, etc .... nothing! 


      So ... h e l p !