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    adobe digital editions with windows 8




      I am trying to downlaod adobe digital editions opn my new Asus Vivo Tab Eepad, working with windows 8, but the systemn tells me that it is not available on this kind of PC... What can I Do?





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          sjpt Level 4

          I think Windows 8 RT falls between three stools at the moment.


          1. Full Windows 8 will run ADE exactly as earlier editions of Windows did;
            so act as a 'host'  (my own terminology) for managing eBook downloads etc

          2. 'Normal' tablets (android, iPad) have apps such as Bluefire to read DRM ebooks,
            and then files can be copied from a host PC.
            [a] Also extra specific apps for Overdrive library books etc.

          3. Dedicated ebook readers act as 'clients' and can have files pushed to them from ADE on a 'host' PC.
            This will work for several different book sources to ADE, as long as they use Adobe DRM.


          There seem to be various specific apps for Windows 8 RT that will download and read eBooks (as in 2a above);

          for Overdrive (library books), Kindle, Barnes and Noble, etc

          (try a google search for 'windows 8 rt ebook'),

          but I can't see any generic ones such as Bluefire.