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    Footnote cue number


      I tried searching for the following but couldn't find anything. I'm trying to put a sort of 'automatic fn number' in an ID document which returns the number of the next footnote cue (which will occur a few words later), so that we would end up with text like '5over the moon5' (where the second 5 is a regular fn cue, and the first 5 is returned by the 'automatic fn number'), where the automatic number is dynamic (i.e. will update when fns are changed) - though in the instance I'm working on actually the cues have to be a, b, c. etc. If there is any simple way to do this I would gladly follow it, but otherwise I suppose it needs a little script. As my experience is very limited, I don't know how to return the fn cue number in this way, if indeed it is possible at all. Thanks for any comments or help on this.

      ID CS6 (Windows)