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    Quicktime Pro, preload and Director Que Points

      Hi All,

      I have just discovered that the latest version of quicktime Pro (7x) does not have the prelaod option when exporting a movie. If you have markers embedded in your quicktime movie that you want to use as que points in Director you can no longer do this as you MUST have the preload setting enabled in Quicktime Pro when exporting the movie. Director will throw an error when you try to import the quicktime file warning you that the file is not preloaded and the que point will be disabled for that file.

      Has anyone else upgraded to Quicktime Pro 7?

      The only solution that I can find is to install Quicktime 6x BUT I haven't got the installer and Apple do not have it on their site, looks that it was money mis-spend when I upgraded to version 7.

      Does anyone have any ideas?

      Many thanks!

      See http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5924800 for the apple snag.
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          OlandoCR Level 1
          I faced the same problem one month ago. At the end I decided to use flash. It has the possibility to work with cue points in a natural way. One solution I explored with Director was to do my own cue points controls. Basically, I got a list of my cue points, I used the old CoolEdit to define and export the list, then I checked the time of the movie in a loop (exitFrame) and I compared the time of the movie with the list of CP to trigger the events. But as I told you, I decided to use Flash

          Sorry not to be useful

          Good luck