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    Series Of Issues Leading Up To Shared Technologies Issue


      Hi, there! It's my first time asking a question on these forms, but I have browsed around at others answers before.

      First off the program is Adobe Premiere Elements 9. So I see this issue around the forms, but most of it is for photoshop,

      and if it is for video editing it's a different model, or there is no answer. So yesterday, I was editing as usuall,

      when the audio suddenly didn't work in a new project. After some time I realized that the sound was ok everywhere

      but this program, using the same audio. So it wasn't the audio. Then I shut my laptop down, the next day (today)

      I can't even launch APE9, because a licencess agreement for Organizer 9 kept popping up. I would click accept,

      then try to launch the program once more. However the same licence agreement would keep coming up no matter

      how many times I tried this. So I went on the forms, there were no questions for this so I decided just to uninstall

      it. So I entered my serial code etc. Now I am getting a notice saying something along the lines of, a shared technology

      issue and having to roll back the installation. I found some tool on here thatt tells you what your issue is and that won't even

      launch it just doesn't respond then crashes...? Any ideas how to fix this ? The Shared Technologies issue? Keep in mind,

      that I am only fifteen years old, so if you could answer as simple as possiable that would be much appreciated. :$