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    Bug or feature? No immediate updating of Smart Objects in Photoshop CS6

    si-boneGFX Level 1


      It used to be that if one pasted vectors (from AI, for example) onto a new layer of Photoshop as a Smart Object, the vectors could be then edited in Illustrator and after editing, the Photoshop layer used to be automatically updated.

      Since CS6 however, this automatic update does not occur as expected. In fact, most times it does not occur at all.


      When I do have this problem (about 100% of the time I update Smart Objects in AI CS6 now) I have discover that if I select the Smart Object I just edited (but did not update) and then select "Duplicate Layer" from the Layers palette, the layer is NOT duplicated at all BUT the smart object is magically updated instead.


      This is how I update Smart Objects now, via this odd method.


      I have checked the Prefs of both PS and AI to see if there is some option that is turned on (or off) that may be causing this, but I have found nothing related to the updating of Smart Objects behavior there.


      I'd appreciate your comments. Thank you. A.C.