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    Show/Hide Button Stacking Order Problem


      I'm teaching Interactive Media to students in 12th grade under a new college prep program, and one of my major units is on interactive documents (primarily PDFS). We're encountering an odd issue with some students stacking orders with the show/hide action being applied to buttons. I'm using Adobe Indesign CS4 Version 6.0, and experiencing a weird stacking order issue with show hide buttons. We're creating basic rollover/dropdown menu, and I've found that if a student creates something on a non-master page, and then goes to test it out, the stacking order is ignored (layers). For instance, each dropdown menu consists of three links sitting on top of a background shape. Even when keeping the shape and the buttons/menu items on seperate layers with the button layers sitting ON TOP of the bg, when I go to export it and open it in the PDF, the background shape is covering the buttons. It works perfectly fine if they remember to keep all of the buttons and shapes on the Master page from the very beginning, but if anything is on a non-master page, and then moved to the master page, this issue comes up. Any ideas?

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          I have seen this issue. And it seems like it is more related to the buttons being placed on multiple layers rather than the buttons placed on a master page vs non-master page. I have yet to determine what causes a button to randomly ignore the stacking order of layers. But if you move all buttons to same layer, and then have all in the proper stacking order, this should maintain the same stacking order once exported to PDF. I realize that this could defeat the purpose of layer functionality, especially when working with many overlapping buttons.