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    Unable to put a div over edge animation? is that z-index issue


      I am trying to indegrate an Edge Animation into a larger site.


      i opened the HTML created by Edge (after creating an OAM).


      Next, I put the Edge Animation inside a larger Div and added a dive that is supposed to come on top of it. it did not work, they continue to be side by site, even after I played with the z-index. here is the css, please help. Please let me know if there is a specific way of putting a Div over an Edge Animation, and please add more materials on integrating Edge with HTML and with Wordpress.


      Here is the code:


      .holder {

          height: 768px;

          width: 1024px;

          overflow: hidden;

          border: thin solid #000;





      .content {

          width: 226px;

          height: 250px;

          padding-top: 30px;

          padding-right: 10px;

          padding-left: 25px;

          z-index:900  !important ;

          border:#0F0 thin solid;




      "holder" holds the edge animation and ".content" div, but instead of being on top of one another "content" div pushes everything down.


      thanks for your time,