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    Photoshop Elements 11


      I can't find the file size for downloading PE11, so how can I make an informed decision about whether to download or get a boxed set?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          You will be given an estimate when you begin the download process.  If you are concerned that it may take up too much of your allowable bandwidth to download then yes please purchase a physical copy.

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            Guy3638 Level 1

            Thanks Jeff, but your download manager does seem to have

            some difficulties.

            I tried earlier today to do exactly what you later suggested,

            directing it to save the file onto my NAS (1.8TB free).

            Your download manager terminated the download immediately,

            saying that I had not enough free space!!!


            Is there some reason why Adobe gives only a few sample file sizes

            instead of an approximate size for every Adobe product.

            It really is quite annoying not to know until you try it.


            In fact I suspect I will need a physical copy because of

            my limited download monthly quota on satellite internt.



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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Where are you choosing to download the install files too?  Are you choosing the default location of your User folder?


              You can also try initiating a direct download by following the directions listed at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369.