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    new install of CS4 crashes


      I formerly ran the Macromedia Fireworks4 on my older Mac Tower.  When I chaned to the Mac Pro with the Intel Quad Xenon it stopped working.  For Christmas my wife got me a new copy of CS4 (yes we know this program is many years out of date) but the specs said it would run on a Mac with an Intel CPU and OS X 10.6.  Installed the program today and the install seemed to finish with no problems.  But when the program started to load it crashed with a note about an internal error.


      Shut down the computer, waited two minutes, rebooted and got the same response.


      Checked with Adobe online tech support and was told the program should run on my hardware and OS but there was no tech spoort for the program from Adobe any longer.  The tech suggested checking with the forum.


      I am wondering if the Adobe version is running into problems with the old Macromind version which is still on the same hard drive.


      Any help from any source will be greatly appreciated.  I'm a 72 year old retired educator who has had to save up his pennies for many years to afford the CS4 version and I'm not looking forward to telling my wife we may have wasted our money.

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          DrRich Level 1

          Well,  it seems I have found the solution on my own.   Still, since there may be others out there who run into this problem rather than delete my question, here's what I found that fixed the problem.


          I did a shut down of the computer then waited about 2 minutes before rebooting.  Holding down the shift key I powered up causing the computer to go into safe mode.  Sme behind the scenes clean out of happnes for some lists such as fonts and icon graphics. When all has been purged the computer starts then rebuilds the lists based on the current configuration of the machine.  You can watch the icons pop from generic to pictures as it goes.


          Once the computer was fully booted I tried launching Fireworks CS4 and it loaded properly.  I was able to open existing files as a confirmation.


          It seems it was not necessary to do an uninstall of the old Fireworks MX version after all.