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    Edge comparison


      I just built an animated menu in Edge using exactly the same content to build a flash menu too.

      To compare I also tried to use the export using the Flash to js but couldn't get that to work.


      The edge version works well apart from loops to labels which didn't (time references do) and I had little trouble building it.
      The method for animated buttons is a bit long winded and and the project took nearly four times as long to complete but the big stinger was the file size.
      Both projects used the same PNG 32 files and nothing else.
      The published flash movie is 225k as apposed to the published Edge folder which is 1MB.


      Both have transparent backgrounds and I have put the Edge page into an iframe which presumably I can scale but at its present size its unusable.

      How can I reduce the size?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          One option is to use the File > Publish Settings > Web and enable CDN and the oline service for jquery will be used instead of the local version.


          Also, note the trade off between using Flash /Edge :


          Flash you have to install a plugin. Though its a one time install process itss actually a 19 mb ocx/ or dll file plus a 415kb exe runtime file plus the size of project file 225 swf file, just to make it happen.


          Hopefully, future improvements to the Edge runtime libraries



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            therayman Level 1

            Enabling CDN actually increased the file size to 1.1MB! But surely the size of the js doesn't change just because you change it's location. It's a 200k overhead.


            I understand Flash is more than just the swf file but it only loads once. Apparent load times are very different. Flash is minimal and I have learned how to entertain while that is happening. I suppose a pre loader could do something similar... but not for the time required.


            I guess I need to look at the graphics. The Flash compression on graphics is supurb.


            Scaling the iframe is also a problemt. My usual method of putting a same size invisible image over the top and scaling the iframe from that doesn't seem to work. The graphics scales but the edge animation doesn't.

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              The CDN option should put the 'weight' of the file on the service that provides it, and not your local files. Though it will be cached by your browser, that portion of the size comes from the service.


              As for graphics, if your original .png does not contain transparent areas, you could go for .jpg as it has compression options without sacrificing too much quality. Photoshop > Save For Web or FireWorks > Optimized export functions may provide these compression options.



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                therayman Level 1

                Unfortunately most of the graphics have transparency - I can drop them down to 8 bit png's or even giffs but that requires pixel level attention to the edges to keep the quality, something I haven't had to do for 15 years or more .... the joys of using cutting edge software.



                Ray Parkes

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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  Ah understood.



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                    Chthonius Hecataeus Level 1

                    Hi. I'm new to EDGE, but lately I have dealt intensively with reducing the size of PNG (i.e. 8bit + alpha) , so I quickly load websites. Out of curiosity I would like if possible to try with your files. Thanks in advance. (Sorry for my English)