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    Today's daily Fireworks CS6 crash

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      It was a good day... I only lost 30-45 min of work this time, and sadly, the Fireworks auto-panic-save produced garbage.


      Im a creative cloud subscriber, and I rely on Fireweworks daily to earn a living.  But I'm about at the end of my rope with this product.


      Photoshop is not an alternative for the type of work I do,  yet I feel that is where Adobe is trying to lead us.  Fireworks CS6++ needs a re-write, simply bolting un-needed new features to this 32-bit Frankenstein wont cut it.


      Same behavior from two different Mac-Pro's (home / office), running two different versions of OSX (10.7x / 10.8x).



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          I have given Sketch a shot, and I feel like it's just as buggy, if not more buggy, than Fireworks.




          I too rely on Fireworks every day for work and too experience the daily crashes.  It really is a shame that the only product designed to for interactive work is filled with so many issues.


          The only thing I can recommend (and i highly recommend you do) is enable autosave.  I have mine set for 5 minute increments, so at most I lose 5 minutes worth of work.  Just make sure you save the document before you start working on it, so there is an file to be autosaved.


          It's really pathetic that I have to use such a hack of a fix just to make Fireworks functional.  Hopefully either Adobe gets its act straight with Fireworks, or another product (like Sketch) comes along as a proper replacement. 

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            @growing: Would you mind sharing how you enable and adjust the "auto save" settings? I see online that it can be edited directly from within a Preferences text file, as well as by using some type of command panel extension. But these seem like "back door" approaches. Is there a "front door" method to accessing this somewhat under-documented feature?

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              Unfortunately there is no "front door" approach from within the Fireworks App to enabling auto save.  But it is a really easy fix from within the preferences file.  Just do an "cmd + f" search from within the file for "autosave".




              Here is the tutorial I used.  Like in the tutorial, I left my auto save time increment at 5 minutes, which works perfectly for me.


              I hope this helps and saves you some frustration as it has for me.