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    CS6 hangs on certain actions on certain file


      Hi — I'm running CS6 on Mac 10.8.2 on 2011 MB Pro. The problem is that an action performed on a single file, in a single passage (about 10 paragraphs), is causing no end of spinning beach ball hangs and leading to many a force quit. Very frustrating.


      The actions attempted that induce a hang so far include:



      Paragraph Style change

      Delete Page [!]

      Delete Spread


      This document is part of a 13-file book; all other docs performing fine when these same maneuvers performed.


      Ran Repair Disk and killed prefs on CS6.


      This is the second such document so affected.  I was able to get all the content out of that other document and into a fresh clean file. Having trouble with that this time.  But I'll find a way.


      My question is — is there a way to "clean up" documents that obviously have integrity issues?