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    Problem Customizing Keyboard Layout




      I'm having issues with customizing my keyboard Layout. I go to the Keyboard Layout  menu and change my Move Selection to Home shortcut as well as the Move Selection to End shortcut with no apparent issues (no messages about input conflicts). However, when I try and use the changed commands in the timeline, I get no response. I recheck my Keyboard Layout and the changed shortcuts are listed in the Keyboard Layout Menu. What's the issue here? Is anybody else having this problem?


      Frankly, I'm getting fed up with Adobe. I've had multiple problems with CS6 (Filter Bin Content grayed out, inoperable keyboard commands, freezing) and every time I call up Adobe for help, they ship my call off to India with some poor soul who knows nothing about the software and is only guessing what the issue could be. And yet, if I call to order Adobe Products, low and behold, I get an American sales associate ready to take my money. Jeez.