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    Console.log for remote device?


      I have everything setup so far. Inspect is pretty nice so far, I was doing everything manually with Charles, Weinre and vhosts, but the shadowing function of EI is pretty nice!


      So, I'd like to see my console.logs in the Remote Inspection, but I don't see anything when I refresh the iPad. I have a very simple "Ready" message that shows up in the Dev Tools Console in Chrome on my desktop. Should I be able to see that log if I refresh in the remote iPad? (I'm also using the .xip.io vhost approach)



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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          You should be able to see all of your console.log messages from the inspected device in the weinre window, but there is one caveat to that and I think that's why you're not seeing your "Ready" message. For the page to be instrumented properly for remote inspection to work we have to inject a snippet of javascript into your page. We do that injection in the page load complete event on the device. That means that any log messages that happen prior to or within a short period after the page complete event can be missed. Any other log messages should work correctly and show up in the weinre window.


          You might get better results if you put the weinre javascript reference into the page yourself, but I haven't tried it out.


          Hope this helps,


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            workalicious Level 1

            Thanks Mark!


            I took a look at a few different approaches with and without Edge Inspect, using Charles and xip. I also tried putting the javascript reference in the page and I see how the logs only show up once the page has completely loaded in all approaches so far.


            It's probably not going to be a big deal to see what's happening in the javascript before the page loads as much as it's nice to see what's doing with the stylesheet and the javascript as the interaction starts, so no worries. Thanks!


            Kind regards,