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    How to change the stroke thickness of shape layer with fill color?

    Rodan_Shiner Level 1

      Hello. I am using AE CS6 win version.

      I made a shape layer that has path like this picture, 3 points triangle shape which has black stroke and green fill color.

      And I want to animate it moving path points, but I want to change the stroke thickness like this picture.

      Is it possible? It is said that trapcode 3d stroke can chenge the stroke thickness, but seems that plugin cant have fill color,

      I think that to make another shape layer  and using it as track mat to change the thickness of stroke or changing the layer mode to stencil alpha to change the thickness, those will do what I want, but with animation, I will need tons of time to animate them all, so it's not best way.

      Give me your advice please. Thank you in advance.