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    Any clearbox lightbox widget users here? I have a question

    skeeterz71xxx Level 1

      I installed the widget on a test web page and it works correctly:


      When you click the dog tattoo thumbnail, the picture pops up in front of the panel to show a larger picture. You never leave the page.




      When I install the same widget, the same way on the main site, when you click on any of the tattoos, the thumbnail targets a new window to show the larger picture. In other words, the user leaves the page to see the bigger picture.



      I have no clue what is different. I installed the widget the exact same way as I did on the test page. Everything on both installs are in their own directory and are not sharing any of the css or js so there should be no conflicts.


      Any help appreciated


      !! Problem Solved !!.................................


      Thanks to a post I found by Sudarshan Thiagarajan



      The clearbox.js wasn't pointing to the right directory to where the page is located.

      This is the line in clearbox.js


      var     CB_ScriptDir='js/clearbox'; // RELATIVE to your html file!



      The fix is simple and am posting here just incase someone else is having the same problem.


      I made this change


      var     CB_ScriptDir='../js/clearbox'; // RELATIVE to your html file!


      Works like a champ now