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    How do I get my page to display correctly in IE?

    carol mcgann

      I am redesigning my template, and I have posted the current result here:


      Most of the CSS is in the document itself (I've left in the comments until I get done, sorry it's so long; DW put most of it there), but the CSS for the menu (the main problem) is here:



      The menu works fine in Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Then there's IE (I'm testing it in 8). The menu is all spread out vertically (items too far apart), and the while the sub-menu shows up when you hover over the main title, it doesn't stick around long enough to choose a sub-item (unless you mouse really fast).


      IE behaves enough differently than the other three that I feel there must be some single line of code that IE wants in order to render correctly.


      Another thing that happens in all of them: when you get the mouse near the menu, all of the type on the page gets an underline, like it's linked to something. IE goes one further and puts a red box around the graphic in the sidebar.


      Help! Thanks---