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    Ae freezes with Mask/path

    alphaae Newcomer

      I have Ae CS6 and am running

      Mac OSX 10.6.8


      I am having an issue when I attempt to take a mask shape and use it as a path for a null object to follow.


      The problem is when I try to take the mask path and apply the position of the of the null object to follow the system freezes it hangs with the shape color and I have to force quit Ae.


      The shape I am taking is coming from illusrator to create the path and it makes the mask fine but when I try to copy it to the null object it freezes.


      I do have an older version of illustrator CS4 for the shape but I do not believe that would be an issue.


      Has anyone elso had this issue with this?

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          Mylenium Legend

          What does the shape look like? Could be that it is producing flakey data when interpreted to keyframes because anchor points are to dense and cause multiple keyframes in the same place. Does the same procedure work with masks drawn within AE?



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            alphaae Newcomer

            The shape is a logo that I'm trying to make some particles follow.

            As you can see it's quite a few points but I wouldn't think it would be an issue since Ae can mask it just fine.


            I have not tried to make the path in Ae but I could try that and see if it works. I was just trying to speed things along since I already have the logo vector in Ai.

            Path shape.jpg

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              Rick Gerard Mythic

              I'd clean up the path. It's probably causing the problems. It would be easy enough just to put a black solid above this layer, set the blend mode to screen, (or a white layer set to multiply) then draw a new simple path for your particles to follow. The blend mode lets you see the underlying layer without problems.


              Once the path is drawn set a single key frame for the path, copy the path, then create a new light. Open up the light's position property and paste. Use the light as the emitter in Particular. Setting the first vertex at your starting point and leaving the path open will make the path more predictable.


              I grabbed your screenshot and in less than two minutes had this:



              Just noticed that you just wanted a null. There was a post concerning particular that I was reading earlier. Just replace the light with a null.. EZ as pie.

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                alphaae Newcomer

                Hey thanks for all the help.


                Yeah As I said before not to hard to just create the paths in Ae clean but for whatever reasons this was just frustrating. Like i said I already had the vectors in Ai.


                Also as you mentioned I am using nulls to follow the path to create the streaks.

                Below I've a working progress for a count down I'm working on.


                On a side note maybe I should create a new post but if you look close on some of the corners the particles don't follow the path clean it curves in some of the corners. Any idea on how to fix that?

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                  Rick Gerard Mythic

                  I think your project looks fine but that it takes way too long to resolve. Unless you are cutting to music the whole transition would work better if it was about 2 seconds. Folks visual attention span is only about 1/10 what it was just a few years ago. Look at the speed of graphics used in broadcast today.


                  As for the rounded corners, if your paths are not rounded then the bend around the corner may be an illusion. I'm not exactly sure how you generated the light streaks, but they could also be averaging the change in direction.

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                    Mylenium Legend

                    Based on your example I'd simply have used the good old Vegas effect on multiple layers and not even bothered with particles... That way you could have used your masks without jumping hoops to convert them to motion paths.



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                      alphaae Newcomer

                      Sorry I havent been able to get back on this really busy lately.


                      To what Mylenium said what do you mean by the "Vegas Effect"?

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                        Rick Gerard Mythic

                        Vegas is an Effect in AE that uses mask paths to create chase lights. It's very easys to use. All you need is a mask. Effects>Generate>Vegas