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    PrE 11 will not import .jpg files from organizer



      I just upgraded from PS & PrE 8 to the lastest version 11. I'm running on a Windows 7 pc.  My catalog was successfully converted and new pictures were added.  I now want to create a dvd with both pictures and videos.  I tried various ways to import .jpg files in PrE but some (most) of my files will not import.  I get error messages about the files not being supported (missing codex) or the files being too large.


      After reading on the forums and on Adobe help site.  It seems opening and resaving the files in the organizer fix this.  I try and it worked.  As I have many files to import (200+), I wonder if there is a way to do some sort of a batch process for all file.


      Secondly, also I read PrE can automatically resize the image file to the project size.  How can this be acheive ?


      Thanks for your help