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    Am I in the right location to solve my problem?


      I have purchased everything from PS2 through CS4 and have encountered a computer problem and can not locate my hard copy of CS4 and the software has started a problem which stated I need to restart my computer for the program to work and following that act, I still can not use CS4 and see “Error 147:20” .I would love to find my case holding the disk and registration key and have looked everywhere in our new home, after moving to Siracha, Chon Buri, Thailand. What can I do with your help?


      For your information my order number for my

      CS4 is AD002863975


      Thanks for you quickest help,


      Major Fred Kirby, Retired USAF

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          Download the software using this method:


          Direct Download Links for Adobe Software


          You may need to run the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool before reinstalling as per your error code your licensing system is busted and that is a global component.



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            Realfred Level 1

            Thanks for your offering. I have a bit of house cleaning and rearranging due to my knowing I bought the CS4 software and had installed it and thinking things would work as before I did not realize that by buying and installing another software program Proshow Producer on an external HD and then learning from the company that it had to be on C:/ to work properly. That forced moving other things around, like CS2, CS3 and  CS4 and leaving CS on C:/ then reinstalling Producer as CS works fine for the pictures used in Producer and all related files on C: as all my other working photos had to move with the software!! With 5 and a half terabits on 6 external HD's I got careless and did not properly set things set up as I should have in anticipation of my current problem and Adobe's programers, not being mind readers programmed things to look on C: when CS2,3, and 4 lived elsewhere. It's all a mess but I do have my serial numbers and did discover, thanks to your Creative Suite Cleaner Tool offering I found a link to Adobe's original CS4 trial files that I was told by Adobe were no longer available due to CS6 and I can re-download CS4 there and use it since at the moment my CS4 is hiding from me. I think a clean re-installation should work before running the 'cleaner' with its' gottchas.  I shall send a later follw up when things are successfully reloaded. If you think of anything else of value, I would certainly appreciate your knowledge!


            Fred Kirby