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    End Credits

    Apple Miga

      How do I create End Credits at the end of my movie?  If someone can point me to a link or tutorial explaining this if it's too much to explain, that would be great.  Thanks to all who reply.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          End credits are no different than any other titles. Have you created other title clips?


          What style of end credits are you looking for? There are templates for credits that roll up the screen, for instance?


          What version of the program are you using? Each version has these templates located in a different area.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I have a link to a tutorial on Titling, but it is done in Premiere Pro, and while very similar to the Titler application in PrE, it is different enough, that I do not want to send you to it - yet. After you have the basics down, then it IS full of good tips, but might be confusing right now, since the screens look quite different, and PrPro has some extra functions, that you will not find in PrE. That tutorial would be fine for your "lesson two."


            As Steve says, PrE has a lot of Title Templates, and some are animated. Also, each can be modified to suit your needs.


            Here are a couple of tips, to get you started:


            • Choose one of the Title Templates in the Titles Thumbnail Panel, and drag it to the Timeline. Since you are talking about end credits, move the CTI (Current Time Indicator w/ the red Edit Line) to the end of your Timeline. The quickest way is to make the Timeline Panel active (just click anywhere in it), and hit the End key. Now, when you drag that Template, it will go right to the end of your Timeline. Next, open that Title in the Titler Panel by Dbl-clicking on it. When in the Titler, look at that Template. Everything that you see is an Object. They might be Text Objects (what one sees in most Title Templates will be "placeholder Text"), or Shapes, or Graphic Objects. Those can be Selected via the Selection Tool (little arrow in the Toolbox), and modified, deleted, moved, etc. Each Object is unique and separate.
            • The Duration of any Title that you add will be exactly what you set in Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration, so if you need a longer/shorter Duration, than the default (if you have not changed that), you can make the change in Edit>Preferences, or you can click+drag on the Tail of the Title, to alter the Duration on the Timeline. Note: for animated Titles, changing the Duration will speed up, or slow down the animation.
            • Each Title is unique, but you can have many Instances of that Title on your Timeline. Note, however, that if you use multiple Instances of a Title, any change made to that Title, or to one Instance of it, will apply every change to every Instance. That can be a good thing, so long as you understand the global nature of a change, where there is more than one Instance of the Title.
            • To use a Title, to create other Titles, based on it, you would just choose Duplicate for that Title in the Project Panel. That creates a new, unique Title, but based on the one that you Duplicated from. This will NOT be an Instance, but a separate, unique Title, and it can be edited, totally independently from the Title, that you used as the model.


            Those are some points that can trip up new users, and I wanted to point them out early.


            Good luck,



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