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    Get the Paragraph Style of a parapraph




      i am trying to write a script that iterate over all paragraphs of a document. My aim is to remove the returns between two paragraphs of the same style.

      Therefore I have to read out the Paragaph Style of the single paragraphs I iterate over. I dont know how to read out the the Parapgraph Style. Can some one help me?


      This is what I have so far:


      function remove_returns() {

          for (var i = 0; myDoc.stories.length > i; i++) {

              for (var j = 0; myDoc.stories[i].paragraphs.length > j; j++) {

                      paraStyle = myDoc.stories[i].paragraphs[j].getParagraphStyle(); // <- something like this would be great





      If you have a complete solution for my problem, that would be awesome.