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    Not able to update to Photoshop 13.1   Grrrr....!


      I am a little frustrated, nothing too dramatic, but just a bit irritated.


      I am creative cloud user. I got the Illustrator update no problem through the application manager, but my Photoshop rests at 13.0.1, not 13.1


      So far:


      4 and half calls to customer service (the half I got cut off after waiting a loooong time on hold) (probably 5-6 hrs total with queing time)


      First time which was around 20th Dec tech said 13.0.1 was the latest and he did not even know about the creative cloud PS 13.1 update. I had to point him to the Adobe website front page where it announced the upgrade. I felt sorry for him as he was very embarrassed, as he explained he had not been told yet about this upgrade.


      2 techs remoted to my machine independently

      uninstalled PS twice and reinstalled though download manager

      Same for application manager

      tech poked around in my C:drive for 30 mins renaming files and trying various different things.

      No-one was able to fix.


      Final guy said don't worry, its a known bug and a fix is coming out middle of this week and he closed my help ticket.


      Middle of week has passed and still no 13.1




      Each tech I spoke to I explained my theory - I owned the standalone licence for PS Extended but sold it when I subscribed to CC. I used formal Adobe licence transfer process to sell the copy to a buyer on eBay, and cleared all this with Adobe CS. However the original licence is still listed on my account, so in my 'simple' mind the application manager sees that licence first , before the creative cloud licence and so assumes I'm a regular licence holder, not a CC licence holder and thus is not offering me the update.


      Anyone else having this issue, or know if a patch is indeed imminent? Anyone at Adobe that could help me?


      I still think the software is awesome, and I'm hobby user so not losing business or sleep over this, but still I'd like to get what I pay for....