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    Adobe and the Video Card...Decisions, Decisions

    Pierre Devereux Level 2

      Hi guys,


      I have read several posts where people are asking what video card they should buy, or what card is supported etc etc etc.


      I am in the process of buying another PC for the office, so that if I have several renders to perform, I can set them up on the one, and carry on working on the other. During the process, I recieved this link : http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/AfterEffects.htm


      I do not know if it appears elsewhere on the forum, as my "Forum searching" techniques leave a lot to be desired! However, I found the article very helpful. There is a chart with video cards and their specs nicely placed out - including which ones you should steer clear from. There is also write ups around the more expensive cards, and how some of the cheaper ones actually work better for After Effects. I know that there is a section in the article that mentions hacks etc, and I assume that it is not endorsed by Adobe, and I do not agree with it either, as messing with the way programs and hardware are supposed to work usually ends in tears! (because of that section, if the moderators wish to remove this discussion, I do understand)


      Anyway, I hope that others will find the link usefull in deciding what card they should get in the future.