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    Video/sound file in PP CS6 does not work in Audition

    HakanErn Level 1


      I use a Cannon XF100, before that I used other camcorders and when I wanted to edit the osund track in Audition, I just right clicked and chose "Edit in Audition" and I could then play the audio in Audition.

      When I do this now, the file seems to transfer to Audition, but it is not possible to play.

      When I "start" the playback it says "Playing (resampling to match device sample rate: 44100 Hz)"

      When I press space bar it says "stopped", pressing again: "Playing (resampl...)

      But the cursor in the timelione does not move, neither do I hear anything...


      very strange... Any ideas for a soloution?


      reagrds and thanks in advance,