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    Colour print problems.......settings the same in two documents but printout different


      Hi, I have racked my brains with this for two days and can't seem to figure out the problem.


      I have two designs in illustrator, one is a wallet and the other is a ticket to fit inside...........both using the same pantone colours. I have synchronised colour profiles in Bridge and made sure that the settings are the same in each document.I am trying to print a simple proof for my client prior to print but the problem is each document prints a different shade of the colours.


      I have disabled all the print management settings on my printer and let illustrator determine colours.


      Anyone come across this before? Help greatly appreciated!!


      i have attached a photo which shows the two colour differences which may help people understand the problem im having



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          John Danek Level 4

          Print drivers are written to interpret color setting and document structures.  Hiowever, none of the people reading your question will be able to answer it because we do not know what your document settings are, what version you are using, and what software you are using, never mind what printer you are using.  So, take a moment to reply with all of the details you can muster.  Then, someone may be able to help.  Now, getting back to what I was saying.  Print drivers, good ones, will do a fairly good job printing CMYK or even RGB files.  But throw a Pantone at it and all hell breaks loose.  You need a good RIP and PRINT solution in order to print Pantone color(s).  If you are using a consumer oriented desktop printer, then convert your colors to CMYK and then print.  And, by all means use printer color management ( if your driver supports color management ).