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    Import Sequence To After Effects Results In Weird Audio Changes, Jump Cuts

    JorgeMSU Level 1


      CS6 Production Premium - Version 6.0.3 (001 MC: 264587)



      Win 7 64-Bit

      8 GB Ram

      Intel i5 processor 3.2GHz

      2 x 1TB HDDs (A - program, audio, previews; B - video scratch)

      Graphics - Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500


      Anyone experience jump cuts or audio channel mapping issues when importing a Premiere sequence into After Effects?


      My sequence was cut together perfectly with Premiere, the audio plays out of left and right as I expect, but the exported AE movie has audio only in left.


      Also, there are inexplicable frames of black between a couple of my clips in the final movie, but it looks perfect in Premiere.


      The reason I use AE in this workflow is to add a title at the end. I've tried exporting the title to Premiere, but the text doesn't render cleanly. I get aliased text that drives me nuts. Plus AE render seems more responsive.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks, George