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    FM10 Crashes when Convert CMYK colors to RGB selected


      Hi folks,

      I have searched for info on this issue and found a couple of items but I'm still having problems doing what I need to do.

      First off, FM 10 version is PC is Dell E6420 laptop, Win 7 SP1, 8GB RAM, big hard drive. No existing Adobe software before installing TCS 3.0 from local files (copied from DVD).

      At first I could not create a pdf (using File > Save as PDF) at all on this system (my old XP system still works fine with TCS 3.0). Instant crash and error messages (Internal error 10024, 7687848, 7688138, 10076935.). After reading the discussions, I cleared the check box for Convert CMYK colors to RGB, which allowed me to create the pdf. However, my colors are washed out completely. So I need to be able to select this check box without the crash.

      Any suggestions?