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    selection bug

    Jessie-vp Level 1

      With some heavy documents the selection tools show some strange behaviour that's kind of distracting. I'm pretty sure this isn't some obscure option I've accidentally activated, but you never know. When I first start working in a document everything's fine, but after a while, when I make a selection (any tool will do the trick: marquee, lasso, quick selection, etc) the marching-ants-selection has an annoying twin brother on the right. See screenshots here: http://d.pr/i/lsun | http://d.pr/i/HE2m | http://d.pr/i/bRkH The left one is alway my own selection, the right one automagically appears :/

      When I close + reopen my document all is fine again, but after a while it happens again. Any ideas?

      I'm on a MBP retina, osx 10.8.2, photopshop cs6