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    "Invalid Serial Number" - Photoshop CS2 (Upgrade)


      Hello, I got the Photoshop CS2 Upgrade some years back and it has always worked fine. Whenever I needed to reinstall my operating system, it was a simple matter of deactivating the software and then activating it after reinstalling Windows.


      However ths week, after reinstalling my Windows 7, I was informed that the Adobe CS2 activation server is no longer available, so I couldn't activate my CS2 that was installed from my CD. I read all about it on this website, and followed the instructions to download Photoshop CS2 directly from the website.


      Now that I am installing the CS2 that I downloaded from here, I am being told that my serial number is "invalid". I have entered it correctly. It is very frustrating, the software on my CD has never given any problems in upgrading my Photoshop CS to CS2, but the one I downloaded is a pain. I would appreciate it if someone could help me resolve this problem.