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    Javascript If statement and Alert Box Help


      I have a form with the following Javascript with If Statement that will generate an alert box. This form is created in Adobe LiveCycle ES 8.2.



        if ((Field_A.rawValue == 1) || (Field_B.rawValue == 2) && (Field_C.rawValue == 3) {---xfa.host.messageBox("Please select the appropriate fields. } // this code will have an alert message when Field_A is 1, Field_B is 2 and Field_C is 3 ignore the "---" because it wouldn't show the code without add "---".














      The problem is that when Field_A is 2, Field_B and Field_C is set to not to display (invisible) because it is not applicable. Is there a way to set if Field_A is 2 and ignore all message box alerts?