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    Why can only use CS6 with loose elements on desktop?


      2 months of pulling my hair out and rebuilding hard drives, installing OX10.8.2 and CS6 multiple times.... no fix in sight. 10.8.2 only works with all files, loose on the desktop, CS6 InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat etc, work fine. The moment any files are located in any folder anywhere else including the desktop, InDesign hangs and need s Forced Quit, not good. I run graphic design service and dont need issues. Luckily I have a tower with three 1T drives and three OS system. Mountain Lion (issues) Lion on another (issues) and third drive with Snow leopard with CS4 and CS6 both work great. Now having to retreat back to Snow Leopard but icloud email not working... AHHHHH. This is clearly a permissions issue with apple not letting Adobe into the fold. Has anybody fixed their own similar conflicts? Thanks in advance for any help