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    AE 5.5 crashes during rendering


      Hi, I have been suffering a program crash when trying to render, both during movie render and RAM preview.


      I have been recieving messages prior to shutdown alluding to a "failure to invoke plugin". The plugins cited have been Glow, Gaussian Blur, and Advanced 3D render plugin, among others. Lately the crash has not been referencing any plugin, however I am always allowed to save.


      I narrowed the problem down to a particular composition that contains a text layer. When RAM previewing the composition on its own, the crash occurs. When disabling visibility of the text layer, no crash occurs.


      I have attempted the following remedies, to no avail:


      Disabled Open GL

      Deleted the preferences file

      Rebuilt the composition from scratch


      My system:


      AE 5.5

      Windows 7 Enterprise PC

      12 Gig RAM

      AMD Radeon HD 6800 GPU