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    Media offline in CS6, but not in CS4!



      I have a strange Problem: On the same PC the same mpg-File is OK in Premiere CS4. But in CS6, the same file says "Media offline" with the famous questionmark. Sometimes, when I start a new project, and import the file, it is "Online" for a second or two, but then suddenly offline anagian and it stays this way.

      You find a screen-shot of both CS4 and CS6 here: http://www.composia.eu/Premiere_Both.pdf

      Has anyone any idea???

      Greetings from Germany


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Try this:


          1. Open PP and cerate a new, empty project.

          2. Go to Edit>Preferences>Media...and take note of the Media Cache location on the hard drive.  Then below that, Clean the Media Cache Database.

          3. Use Windows Explorer or Finder to delete the Media Cache files you located in step 2.

          4. Restart PP and open the project.  Wait for files to be processed.

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            PeterZG1010101 Level 1

            Hello Jim,

            Thanks for the advice, I treid it, but to no avail... Same Problem. What is strange too:

            Up to now the "Offline media"-Problem only seems to occur in CS6, when the file size of the mpg is smaller than 704x576 Pixels. I converted the "Media-offline"-File from 352x288 to 704x576, and imported both files into a new PP project. Result: the 704x576-Version is "online", the 352x288-Version (of the same file) is offline (see screen-shot here: http://www.composia.eu/Premiere_size.jpg).

            BUT: As I said, this happens only in PP CS6, in PP CS4 both files are ok (on the same PC...).


            Perhaps you try it yourself:


            This file is the one that is always "Offline":

            http://www.composia.eu/videotests/Test_352x288.mpg  (3 MB)


            While the same video with different size is always onlie:

            http://www.composia.eu/videotests/Test_704x576.mpg  (18 MB)


            I would be very interested, if the first file is correct in "your" CS6 ...



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Yup, same issue here.  Went offline almost immediately after importing.


              I can only guess there is something wrong with this file that CS6 just doesn't like.  It's not related to the resolution, though.  I used a program to simply rewrap the contents into an MP4 file and it worked just fine.

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                PeterZG1010101 Level 1

                Well, it must be a combination of mpeg2 and the file size... Because I produced BOTH files with the same mpg-Tool (Video Wizzard from Womble).

                If I use another Converter, the mpg-File stays online, even with the small file-size (I tried e.g. avidemux, this works).

                This is a pitty, since I like mpeg-Wizzard from Womble very much...

                And the most strange thing is that CS4 works with the files and CS6 does not...

                Thanks anyway for your help, I guess we can do nothing about it, either I have to use another mpg-Converter or have to stay with CS4 for a while... Maybe Adobe can one day resolve the issue... Or Womble...

                Greetings from Germany