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    1920x1080i files burning as 480i on BluRay


      I am trying to burn some HD BD. Using CS6


      First tried exporting my 1920x1080i timeline as a BlueRay MPEG2 in Premiere.....when I imported into ENcore, it looks great.  File is 1920x1080i, timeline is as well. 


      First burn, plays back as 720x480, 480i.


      Then, tried same project, but selecting 1920x1080i in the "BD transcode settings" dropdown.


      It took a lot longer, and same results, smaller file.


      Then tried a different tact.....used Premiere's DLL function and burned another.  This time the resulting disk wont even play, and it looks like there is no data on the disk.


      Then tried to export the DLL version as a BD image file.  Rebooted PC and then burned.  Same result, no play at all.


      Went back and makde an BD image file of my original mpeg2-BD file in Encore. Then tried to burn.   Disk runs, but is again 480i.


      Tried swapping monitors, no change.  Only thing I havent tried yet is a different BD player (this one is a Sony). There are no settings that I have not tried.


      Any ideas, anyone?  Thanks in advance.