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    Premiere disappears after loading


      I'm trying to help someone who can't get Premiere Pro 5.5 to run.  He launches the program and it starts to load, then instead of coming to the recent project window, the program simply disappears.  This only happens for his user.  Other users on the computer have no problem.  He stores his projects on a large external drive that has plenty of space.  I went to the AppData folder and renamed the folder for Premiere, but that didn't change anything (looks like an Adobe tech had him try the same thing.)  Adobe was blaming it on a network problem before I got called into this.  The one thing that changed is that his Documents folder is redirected to a UNC path and our IT department changed that path over the Christmas break.  If Adobe has some default using the old UNC path, them maybe that would make it crash?  But if so, how can I clear that setting out?  An uninstall/reinstall does not help.