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    H.26 Blu Ray,. Only plays on some players but not all! Help

    matthewd35 Level 1

      I am a wedding videographer and have been trying to give a couple thier final video for weeks now.


      I have created 8 different images of the final video but no luck.  I put the disc in my PS3 and it stutters and freezes and random points. 

      I put the disc in another Sony stand alone player and it did the same thing.  I then put the disc in a Sharp Blu ray player and it played with no problems.


      I have even tried using a different brand of discs to see if that would fix it but still not.  I have tried using dynamic link, then meida encoder to blu ray file and brining the file into encore.  Still nothing seems to help it. 


      I do have menus, the only motion I have is music.  They are all stand alone menus linked together ( no pop up) 


      The only thing I have not tried yet is burning an mpeg file instead of h.26.  Not sure if that will help.


      Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?  I have never had it before.  I have done many projects in encore and played them fine on the PS3


      But this one does not seem to matter how many versions I make, or changes I have.